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Aug 6, 2020

Discussion Includes:

  • How do you rebalance and restore your body from incoming toxins?
  • How do we promote the inflammation that occurs in our body?
  • What is metabolite?
  • How do you rebalance your body from incoming toxins?
  • Understand the similarities of sugar, cocaine, and alcohol.
  • The difference between carnivore and plant diets.
  • How to increase your salvia to help break down your foods?
  • How to remove, repair, replace your body with good bacteria? 
  • Understand the 6 “S” to restore and rebalance your body?
  • Why should you hydrate in the morning? 
  • What are the 3 M’s to help start the day? 
  • A factual study demonstrates on why we should wear a mask. 
  • Can our bodies develop antibodies for COVID 19?

And so much more….

Dr Robert G. Penn, M.D., FACP, FSHEA, FIDSA. Board Certified: Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine * Fellow, Infectious Diseases Society of American (FIDSA) *Fellow, American College of Physicians (FACP) *Fellow, Society Healthcare Epidemiologists of America (FSHEA)* President, Infectious Diseases Associates, PC, Omaha, NE *Medical Director, Dept of Healthcare Epidemiology - Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Omaha, NE *Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, American Red Cross - Midwest Region Blood Services, Omaha, NE *Clinical Assist Prof, Dept of Pediatrics, The Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE *Clinical Assist Prof, Dept Medical Microbiology, Creighton Univ School of Medicine *Patient Care Committee, Methodist Hospital *Infection Prevention & Control Committee, Methodist Hospital *Pharmacy & Therapy Committee, Methodist Hospital *Fellowship in Infectious Diseases: Creighton Univ Medical School of Medicine, Omaha……

Your Co-Hosts take a deep dive into the mysterious world of midlife (45+ years old) with honest, humorous, relatable, and candid conversations with field experts and amazing, thriving women. We laugh, giggle, and sometimes cry as we glean many tips to muster through this journey called midlife. 

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